Jane のフォーラム投稿よりそのまま転載します。


  • Handbooks! Start with series of 4: User, Plugin Dev, Theme Dev, Core Contributor. Could see more specific ones coming later.
  • Transition Codex to get rid of the lessony stuff and outdated screen info, make it the repository of all straight reference materials, such as lists of all functions, hooks, template tags, etc. as well as housing the handbooks.
  • Do it all in WordPress rather than wiki format.
  • Allow users to suggest changes via comments, assign volunteer editors to specific sections to stay on top of things.
  • Make handbooks accessible as pages/chapters, single HTML files, or print as PDF (entire handbook or specific chapter).
  • Use SVN or media library to manage the screenshots more easily.
  • Use wordpress.org login.
  • Process for handbook creation: identify 2 tech editors for each, create general outline of what’s needed, find community volunteers to write up sections, have tech editors review for accuracy, have style editor revise for consistent tone/voice.

sourceforge.jp で Codex を続けるのは、今のところこれでいいかなあとは思っていますが。